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Ego is an interesting aspect of our personality. On the one hand, it drives us toward achieving goals that we desire. On the other, it stands in our way. However, if we turn inward and connect with the Braveheart within, we don’t need the externally-driven ego to help us achieve importance. We’ll simply step into the greatness that has been waiting for us all along.

Listen to the Inner Voice

If you have ever felt an internal voice trying to direct you one way, while your head kept telling you, “Oh, heck no!” that was most likely the ego stepping in and here’s why. The ego understands external classifications, not the internal ones. And, the ego not only moves you toward a goal, but it also moves you away from one if it thinks you cannot achieve it. In that way, it protects you from disappointment.

When desires come from our heart and through the spirit, the ego doesn’t have anything by which to measure it. Therefore, it often guides you in a different direction. In this way, it takes more courage to follow your inner wisdom and potentially rock the ego boat, but the truth is that in doing so you guarantee yourself greater ease and flow, for the inner Braveheart will never mislead you.

Think about it this way; it boils down to the choice between short term gains or long term gains. I don’t know about you, but I’m really in this for the long run, so I’m willing to sacrifice short term comfort (saying no to ego) for the long term gains achieved through enhanced ease and flow.

Ego Reduces Risk

Ego interferes with our willingness to take what may be considered risks. In fact, it was almost a decade ago when Dr. Robert F. Hurley, a professor of management at Fordham University in New York published an article in the Harvard Business Review based on his research that underscores this point.

In his article The Decision to Trust, Dr. Hurley writes that people’s willingness to trust is inherently linked to their willingness to take risks — regardless of who the trustee is.

Risk seekers don’t spend much time calculating what might go wrong in a given situation; in the absence of any glaring problems, they tend to have faith that things will work out. Risk avoiders, however, often need to feel in control before they place their trust in someone, and are reluctant to act without approval. Not only do they not trust others, they don’t even trust themselves.

Ego fits into the picture because it is always looking for what’s wrong, what’s less than, what’s missing. Ego is always judging and critical. What’s so sad, according to Dr. Hurley’s research, is that those people conflicted with ego not only distrust others, they can’t even trust themselves.

Trusting Becomes Easier

The idea with Activating Your Braveheart is about helping release attachment to ego so that trusting becomes so much easier. The beauty in this process is the more you release your resistance to doubt and fear, the more trust you give AND receive.

We’ve all seen the acronym for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. The opposite of FEAR is TRUST — To Rely Unto Spirit Totally. Look inward, connect to your inner divine, shed the ego, and just trust.

Learning to trust, like every other form of reprogramming we go through when activating your Braveheart, is a process.

It’s about acknowledging yourself for being in the process.

Give yourself permission to be in the evolutionary process. Give yourself permission to take the first step to your happily-ever-after life. Give yourself permission to take two steps forward and one step backward, if that’s what it takes to get you where you want to go.

Go on Bravehearts, release your ego and make 2017 your year to shine!

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