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Do you feel excited for the new year or does it feel like another year of the same ole, same old? If you aren’t looking forward to what 2017 will bring, perhaps it’s because you haven’t thought about what you want. And I mean, what you really want as in not a single thing can stand in your way so ask for the moon and then some!

Do you know what you want to manifest in the year to come? Perhaps you want a new job, or to go back to school. Maybe you are looking for the love of your life or want to travel to an exotic destination.

Psyche yourself up for the new year by dreaming big. Go on; you deserve the right to have big dreams. And when you know what you want, you increase your chances of getting it. Set your sights on your goal, dear Bravehearts, and don’t let go!

Why Set Goals?

Setting the right goals can have many benefits; first and foremost, the excitement of feeling driven to achieve and the satisfaction of having accomplished what you set out to do. There are many benefits of goals; however, you first need a sure-fire process for ensuring you are setting the right goals for the right reasons.

As I discuss in my book The Power of Living Joyful: Your Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals that Enrich Your Life, sometimes people set the wrong goals for the wrong reasons. When this happens, it often means that the intention is a reflection of external influence. Maybe you are more focused on what your friends, family or peers want for you rather than what you want for yourself. If you are chasing a goal that someone else wants for you, but you don’t want for you, then you will have a very difficult time making it a reality.

How to Set the Perfect Intention

Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing what to aim for, right? No worries, because I’ve got just the right exercise to help you gain the clarity you need for 2017. One of the best ways to know where to channel your energy is to pay attention to what I call the “inner gnaw” — that soft voice within that you’ve been ignoring far too long. Grab something to record some thoughts, and consider these questions:

  1. Have you had a long-time dream or desire that you’ve been ignoring? Have you been ignoring the gnaw because you didn’t think your goal was realistic? Close your eyes, take several deep breaths and reflect inward. Ask yourself where you need to focus your energy. Allow that inner voice to speak. Record your thoughts and feelings in your goals journal.
  2. If you determine that you have ignored an intuitive urge, ask yourself why? What have been your perceived obstacles?
  3. Once you’ve recorded the obstacles, go back and review them. One by one, mark through each obstacle and write why it is not true for you and how you will overcome it. If, for example, your obstacle is “not enough time” write down all the ways you can carve out time for this inspired intention. Maybe it’s shifting some priorities; maybe it’s sharing your dream with family and friends and asking them to help you stay true to yourself. I talk more about gaining commitment from family and friends in the next section.
  4. On a scale of 1 − 10, with 10 being most committed, how committed are you to channeling your energy to respond to the inner gnaw? If it’s not a 10, what resistance do you need to address to make it so?

Make 2017 a year to look forward to by giving yourself an incredible intention to manifest. Give your heart the freedom to breathe it’s deeply-held dream into your reality and see how much happier you will feel.

Go on Bravehearts! Dream big!

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