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Have you ever longed for something but instead of trying to make it your reality, found some excuse for why you couldn’t make it so? Maybe you couldn’t find the time to make it a priority, or maybe you lacked the courage to make the necessary life changes to accommodate the desire. Whenever you have a deep longing that continues to surface in your awareness, there is a reason — something much deeper is demanding your attention. It’s called your intuition.

Some people believe that true happiness, like goals, lies outside of them, just beyond their reach. True happiness and the goals that help you attain it lie within. When you experience an incessant whispering in the back of your mind, that’s your inner wisdom, your higher self, working hard to get your attention.

That’s why it’s so important to give yourself time to reflect and connect with that inner guidance advocating on behalf your deeper wisdom. What you often discover is that your intuition was pushing you in the right direction all along. Your inner wisdom was making itself known through its relentless urging. The only thing stopping you is you!

When you allow yourself to dream about what truly inspires and motivates you, that’s where you discover desires you never realized you had. That’s also where you find the goals that will be most attainable to you. When you turn inward to reflect on your goals, you connect to your intuition — your inner wisdom.

No matter how long you ignore it, the constant whispering will not quiet itself until you’ve acknowledged it and followed where it leads. The longer you ignore it, the more strongly you set yourself up for illness and disease.

You can learn so much about yourself just by turning your attention to your inner wisdom. Don’t hold yourself back from your true path — your true happiness.

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