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Part One in a Series

At the core of our being, Bravehearts, we must know who we are and what we stand for. We must know what we require to be happy and fulfilled. For me, I continue to evolve the definition of my existence through my beliefs. As I reach certain milestones, I set new ones. And along the way, I’m clarifying my personal belief system — my Braveheart Mantra.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing and expanding my belief system in this blog space. Not because I am trying to convince you to believe as I do. Rather, because I hope to share something that resonates with you. For if I do, then we deepen our connection even more. 

Sisterhood. Collective consciousness. Braveheart companions. Call it what you may.

The first, and most prominent aspect of my personal belief system:

I am only a small part of something much bigger than I am.

I distinctly remember one day, at least a decade ago, when I was driving to work. I was on an interstate with three lanes of traffic each way. The traffic was heavy and slow, and I recall resigning myself to the pace it allowed, without frustration, without impatience. It was then I had the feeling that I, in my car crawling slowly along, was just like a cell in my body. One of many. I looked around at all the other people moving slowing in their cars and recognized them as the same kinds of cells within the same body.

Yes, I am a cell in the body of a Universe, and we are all connected just like the organs and tissues that make up a body. I know I am connected to something infinitely bigger than I am.

Several years ago I wrote a post titled, Collective Consciousness: The Power of One that explored the scientific data demonstrating how we can use the power of our collective thinking to influence the actual state of things. I must confess, in today’s polarized political environment, I’m feeling it important to bring this to the forefront. While individually we can influence reality, collectively, we can influence reality on an incremental scale.

One of my favorite concepts derived from my research while writing that post is the notion that the substance of the universe is not matter; rather, it is consciousness.

Ponder that for a moment.

What if consciousness is the programming language of the universe and the reality we observe is the collective result of our own consciousness?

In other words, if we have a golf ball sized consciousness or awareness, then that’s what we get out of the world. The more open we are to the possibilities of the universe, the more we will experience.

Just last year I wrote a two-part series It’s Not Coincidence, It’s Energy Projection to explain consciousness projection. I was inspired to do so after I emailed a friend late one evening and he woke from a dream of me the following morning.

You may have had similar experiences where you thought of someone, and they called you. Or, maybe you and a friend began a conversation with the same words. You write it off as coincidence, but the reality behind such occurrences is actually science-based — quantum physics, to be exact. And it’s all about shared energy.

And this, dear Bravehearts, is why I believe myself to be a small part of something much bigger, much greater! Please join me next week as I continue sharing my Braveheart Mantra.

What experiences have you had that lead you to believe that you are a part of something much greater?

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