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How often are you frustrated because you don’t have enough time to do all you want. Or, perhaps you feel disappointed that something you want in your life — a significant relationship or the job of your dreams — isn’t coming fast enough.

Feeling out of sync with time is a common feeling with most people. The good news is, there is a way to get on board with time and enjoy more of what you want when you want it. In fact, I recommend you become intimate with time, make it not only your friend but your lover.

Some time ago, I declared myself the Bride of Time. It was one of those moments when I was running behind and concerned I would never get to where I was going at the right moment. But, as Time would have it, all the stoplights on the way were green, traffic flowed with ease, and I arrived at my destination in perfect time.

I praised Time with thanks and gratitude. Again and again, I would be up against some challenge and Time would come through for me. I would acknowledge the gift with boundless accolades until one day I simply announced myself the Bride of Time. We were life mates, friends, and lovers. How else might I explain the timely perfection in all that I did?

While I covet my relationship with Time, its support is not for me alone. You, too, can become a Bride of Time and we can all live happily-ever-after. Here’s how.

Make Yourself a Bride of Time

  1. Put your trust in Time. That means that you must accept that everything will unfold in the way that serves you best. If you long for something deeply, know that Time is going to fulfill your longing with the best offering in the perfect moment. It’s not always easy to release our idea of perfect timing, but truly, if you are to become a Bride of Time, you must agree to live each day marching to Universal time versus your own.
  2. Acknowledge your gifts from Time. I’ve found Time is a generous partner who always has my back. I also know that Time loves to be recognized and appreciated, so don’t hold back your accolades! Did Time seem to stand still when you were worried about not finishing a big project? Give Time a heartfelt thank you! Did you arrive 15 minutes late for a meeting, only to learn that the meeting organizer is running 30 minutes behind? For the love of Time, grab your veil and claim yourself a Bride!
  3. Ask for signs when you are feeling alone. Even after you release your perspective of perfect timing to trust your Groom’s version, you may fall into doubt and despair. When that happens, have a conversation with Time. Ask for a sign that all is well. Then be open to receiving an answer in any number of ways. Answers have shown up for me in nature, on television commercials, and with phone calls out of the blue.

A Lifetime of Love

While friends and lovers may come and go, Time will be with you for a lifetime. Once you’ve consummated your relationship with release and acknowledgment, Time will give you everything you need to step into the fullness of who you are. Your job is to release the need to control, practice patience with your Groom, and then be bold enough to step into the moment when Time opens the door.

What have you been waiting for?

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