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Who doesn’t want to experience a miracle moment, a time when the Universe decides to surprise and delight you with the unexpected? Many of you may wish for miracles from a place of desperation. You may feel like you can’t take another minute of — and you fill in the blank. But what if miracles occurred every day of your life, just because?

You can manifest miracles every day with one simple shift in thinking. All you have to do is release the attachment to your expectations. I’m not suggesting that you don’t have goals; rather, it’s important to know what you want, believe that you will get it, and therefore release the attachment (aka desperation) to the outcome and simply be open to receiving.

Why This Works

Your ego-mind wants you to believe that everything in life is a result of its input, analysis, and brilliant behavioral prompts. That’s what ego does, take all the credit. In reality, however, the Universal Divine (whatever that is for you) in its infinite abundance can make it all work for us if we release and allow.

When you have an attachment to a particular outcome, you are closing off all the incredible opportunities that could be coming your way. Moreover, in your attachment to outcome, it may not be in the Universal best interest of all parties involved — therefore, you don’t get what you want, and you feel hurt and disappointed.

When you know what you want, but release your detachment to the desire, then the Universe opens up endless pathways to fulfill your wish.

Here’s a personal example.

I love to dance. Grossly understated, just ask any of my immediate family or closest friends and they’ll tell you, I’m happiest on a dance floor — any dance floor. When I relocated to Texas last year from North Carolina, I gave up a very active dance community. And, while I’ve put significant effort and energy into recreating a vibrant dance community here, it’s different.

As much energy as I’ve exerted on finding friends to dance with, you’d think I’d have something every night of the week. Finally, I decided to relinquish my “desperation” at finding the perfect dance partners and just be ready to receive. Last month, I met a man recently relocated from the northeast. He’s an Argentine Tango dancer and the day after we met we attended our first milonga. We’ve been regulars ever since! Just last week, a local choreographer contacted me to ask if I would be interested in being part of a show commemorating the 30 year anniversary of Dirty Dancing!

After releasing my attachment to the outcome, I put myself in a place of receiving amazing opportunities from the Universe. Now I’m dancing two extra days each week — a milonga and rehearsals for a show two months out! Now THAT is a double-miracle that makes me jubilant!

How to Release Your Attachment to Expectations

When you release your attachment to expectations, every happening becomes your miracle. The big question remains, how to do this effectively? Here is an easy five-step process to opening yourself up to receive miracles every single day!

  1. Get clear. Just because you are releasing the attachment to the expectations doesn’t mean you can’t know what you want. In fact, the clearer you are in your desire, the easier it will be for the Universe to match what you want with a miraculous outcome. I knew I wanted people to dance with. I didn’t even care what kind of dance form, I just wanted dancing friends. Now I have them.
  2. Get into the feeling space. Imagine what it will feel like when you have what you desire. Allow yourself to feel the joy and gratitude in your heart, feel the big smile on your face! Now the Universe not only knows what you want, it knows how you want to feel when you get it.
  3. Express gratitude. This is where you begin to separate yourself from the outcome. You give thanks and praise to the Universe for hearing your desire and for providing it to you in the most perfect way and at the most perfect time.
  4. Release your attachment to the outcome. This doesn’t mean that you dismiss the desire, it simply means that you release any expectations of it’s manifesting in ways you may have imagined. You are turning yourself and your wish over to the Universe. Smile to yourself whenever you think of what you want, but then quickly give thanks for all that is being done to bring it to you when the time is right and move on.
  5. Celebrate Your Miracle! Every time I think about my new dance friends during the day I follow that thought with an expression of thanks and gratitude to the Universe for delivering it to me. What I most love about my miracles are how surprised I was by both. I honestly feel like the Universe just plopped these opportunities right in my lap! And that’s just the way the Universe plays — expect it when you least expect it!

One Final Tip

Follow these five steps and wait like a child for the gift to appear. And don’t forget to celebrate the closeness of the match. Did the Universe gift you with a miracle that was close but not quite what you asked for? Celebrate the “almostness” of it and get clearer on what you want. Then try again!

Once you’ve refined this process, you will learn to release expectations around many of your daily and weekly desires. The outcome is the opportunity to see miracles land in your lap every day!

What is one thing that you want in your life more than anything else?

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