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Most women have a tendency to nurture. It’s an active component of our feminine essence. And because it comes to us naturally, we’re darn good at it. Unfortunately, our desire to care for the needs of others can become a trap that many of us fall into. We do too much. We put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. In this way, as women, we become trapped by our feminine need to nurture.

Each of us has everything we need within to live a full and joyful life. The best way for women to tap into that abundant resource is through our feminine divine. It guides us along the way, nudging us here and there to ensure we move in the direction of our desire. However, when we are only focused on the wants and needs of others, we loose touch with that connection. 

Reconnect to Your Feminine Divine

Reconnecting to the feminine divine is a beautiful way to honor the gift of inner knowing. It’s as easy as turning inward and opening yourself up to the intuitive messages you receive. The trick is to protect the whispers of your heart from being muted by the wants and needs of others.

Here is an exercise to help you reconnect and strengthen the feminine connection:

Breathe deeply and relax your body. Allow your thoughts to slip away so that your mind is calm and peaceful. Then imagine looking inward to find the spiritual you within. She is very excited to see you and holds her arms out to welcome you in an embrace. Now imagine the two of you sitting comfortably, gazing upon each other, and your inner divine asks how she can be of service. You do not hesitate in telling her your deepest desire, your innermost wish. She smiles knowingly and promises to guide you along the way. All you need to do is to listen with your heart and trust her guidance. You acknowledge her promise with gratitude and embrace her once more. Then with a few more deep breaths, you allow the vision to disappear and you bring yourself back to the moment.

It’s paramount that you not question your intuitive communication; rather, accept it as your direct line to spirit telling you exactly what you need to know.

Make Time Each Day for Divine Dialog

If we are to live in the full essence of our joy and happiness, it is up to us to pay attention to our feelings, desires, and dreams. And the only way to honor ourselves truly is to make every day one where we acknowledge the whispers of our heart.

As Marianne Williamson writes in her book A Return to Love:

A woman who cannot honor her feelings will not find
them honored by anyone else.

Caring for others comes naturally to us and service is, without a doubt, honorable. Just remember to care for yourself along the way. Having a daily dialog with your inner divine will help you maintain the balance between self-love and service. In this way, your feminine divine shines from the inside out!

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