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I’ve felt a little impatient of late, waiting for doors to open so I can begin whatever comes next. I’m in a place of change, a portal of transition. I’m not afraid of change. The truth is, I’m so excited I can hardly wait any longer.

To keep from biting my fingernails in anticipation, I remind myself that every day is a day for evolution. In this way, I never fully arrive because I continue to evolve, always changing, even when I don’t realize it.

In his poem Steps, German author and poet Hermann Hesse writes:

The heart must submit itself courageously

to life’s call without a hint of grief,

A magic dwells in each beginning,

protecting us, telling us how to live.

I love the idea that beginnings are imbued with magic. That only adds to my excitement for whatever is coming next! But still, I wait, like a child on Christmas Eve, for the surprises I anticipate. I watch, never losing hope that anything is possible, even the things I might consider impossible.

Yes, even that.

How do I stay hopeful when the wait seems to last forever?

  • I practice gratitude for everything. In this way, I am in a perpetual state of grace and appreciation.
  • I pay attention to my dreams, for that is where glimpses of my future are hidden.
  • I do what brings my heart joy. I sing. I dance. I listen to beautiful music.
  • I smile just to feel my lips curve up to crinkle my face. When I smile, my heart expands, making more room to receive.
  • I look for the possibility in every interaction. That keeps me vigilant and connected to everything and everyone.


What are you waiting for Braveheart?

How do you make waiting easier?

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