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Today I am celebrating the launch of a new book, Courageous Hearts: Soul-Nourishing Stories to Inspire You to Embrace Your Fears and Follow Your Dreams. While every book is special, Courageous Hearts is especially so for a couple of reasons. First, I share the story “Miracles are Born of Courage,” about my adoption of six-year-old twin boys from Kazakhstan as a single mom 17 years ago. Secondly, it’s the fifth book that I’ve done with an amazing woman and publisher, Linda Joy, and her Inspired Living brand.

It’s All About Courage

Adopting an older child is a different kind of transition than adopting an infant. All of that emotion is magnified when you are adopting more than one at a time. When I think back to the roller coaster ride of emotions on all sides, I could tell hundreds of stories. But the foundation behind all of them is one thing — courage. Courage to follow the call of my heart. Courage to make the financial commitment before I felt ready. Courage to go through the legal red tape and bureaucratic protocol as a single mom. Courage to travel to the other side of the world where I had to trust that all would go well.

Publisher Linda Joy understands the power of courage. She’s been on her own transformational journey from a single mom on welfare to a successful publisher. When she created the concept for this book, it was that raw courage she longed to capture in the stories from other women. Linda told my 29 co-authors and me to dig deep — and dig we did.

In writing Courageous Hearts, our collective wish for you is that you always find the courage to do what your heart is asking, even when it feels impossible. I know that our stories will inspire and empower you on your path. But our real success will be when, down the road, you remember the importance of embracing your own courageous heart to take a life-changing course.

This is for YOU, Braveheart!

Every woman has a courageous heart, a Braveheart! In the Courageous Hearts anthology, you’ll find 30 stories of courage – but you’ll find even more than that within yourself!

Be inspired! Order today at and receive access to over 50 transformational gifts.

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