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As the weather cools here in the Texas Hill Country, my dreams have become more prominent. In the last few days, I’ve had several dreams with overlapping themes.

One night I was walking up and down a corridor looking for the “right” door to get to a class I wanted to take. A woman, who seemed to know more about the school than I did, informed me that I couldn’t go through the doors because they were for staff only. Instead, she told me, I’d need to go around the long way. Once she was gone, I picked a door and went through it anyway. That’s when I found myself in a dorm room with my new roommates — one of them being the woman who directed me to take the long way. I was happy to be her roommate and we embraced.

A few nights earlier I dreamed I was in a beautiful moss-covered forest with the most amazing trees, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The best way I can describe it is to ask you to hold your hand palm up. Now spread your fingers as wide as possible and curve them up like tree branches. Finally, tilt your hand slightly upward — that is how my dream tree looked.


It was open and inviting, and I eagerly climbed inside of it where I wanted to rest on a shelf that had been added, as if for roosting birds. The shelf was not strong enough to hold me, so I jumped out of the tree and playfully ran through the forest. Once again, two unidentified women accompanied me.

And just last night I dreamed I was on a hill, gazing across a river valley and saw in the distance a beautiful castle with fall foliage on the trees. Then the sky opened and cast heavenly light upon a small, leafless golden tree. I rushed to get my camera to capture the image but when I returned a crowd of people stepped in my way so that I could no longer see the inspiring vista.

Symbolism Interpreted

My dreams are apparently a reflection of my waking life, where I am searching for what feels right. I’m eager to find a community where I feel welcomed, where I feel I belong. I long to meet acquaintances and friends whose sincerity and authenticity are more than skin-deep. I long to experience a sense of belonging and to be accepted and “embraced.”

According to my dreams, people are getting in my way, but what and who do these people represent? Since the dream mirrors the dreamer, these people represent different aspects of myself. In other words, I’m getting in my own way.

Questions to Consider

So I’m meditating on the following questions:

What feminine aspects of myself are holding me back? How can I join all of my womanly dimensions together so that we can collaborate to obtain a shared vision?

What do I need to do to stabilize my connection to nature and the Universe? How will I know that I’ve found what I’m searching for?

In what ways am I crowding myself out of a beautiful vision? What do I need to do to release the unnecessary energies that are blocking my path? What message does the Tree of Life bear for me?


Dreams have long fascinated me ever since I studied them as a high schooler. But my attention to them waxes and wanes like the moon. For now, just as the moon will soon be full in the November sky, my nights are full of beautiful visions and profound wisdom. It’s up to me to open myself to receive, with gratitude. Moreover, if I heed the teachings, I am sure to find that which I seek.


How do your dreams speak to you?

How do you respond?

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