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A recent article from Harvard Business Review called out that people everywhere are feeling uncomfortable–and what those feelings boil down to are grief and anxiety. Grief because the coronavirus has taken away our way of life. It has impacted our communities, our nation, and our world. Everything has changed seemingly overnight, and the shock of that change is devastating, thus grief is natural. On top of that, we feel anxiety because we have no idea how long this will last and what life will look like when it’s over.

No doubt, this growing sense of grief and anxiety has prompted me to record and share daily meditations on the Activate Your Braveheart Youtube channel. Today’s meditation addressed these feelings and, more importantly, it facilitates a process for how to identify, acknowledge, and release them.

Stay Happy

I know it’s not always easy to stay in a “happy place,” but one of the best ways I know to move from sadness and worry to a better feeling place is focusing on things that make me feel happy in my heart. A talking dog like the now-famous Pluto is a great example.

If you like classical music and comedy combined (yes, I didn’t believe it either), then check out the Mozart Group. Seriously, these guys always cheer me up!

There’s no better way to feel better than to laugh. And sometimes we can even find ways to laugh at our situation as Laura Clery does in this quarantine workout.

Be inspired! These young Russian couples (I’m guessing between 8 – 10 years old) show you what it takes to become a ballroom pro. Here they are dancing the rumba!

What are you doing to stay happy?

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